Accelerate SSH connections in ansible
Unfortunately, you keep coming across the nicely-intentioned but far too complicated tip when passing SSH across multiple machines with ansible:ansible_ssh_common_args and ProxyCommand.
Automate paper digitization with Paperless-ngx and a cheap Brother scanner
The Brother ADS 1200 is a small but inexpensive scanner. With a few hacks, you can turn this into a productivity machine for your home office.
Change Unifi WiFi key automatically
Ubiquiti makes it very difficult to perform automated changes. In many companies, for example, the WLAN key for the guest network must be changed periodically. With a little effort, however, this is possible.
Send your GhostCMS posts to Mastodon
Since twitter is no longer cool (thanks Elon Musk) Mastodon is in the running. GhostCMS can be made to automatically forward posts to Mastodon with a little scripting.
Speed up Nextcloud preview generation with imaginary
One problem with PHP web applications is that they are usually slow. Imaginary is an external application written in GO that speeds up the creation of previews and thumbnails in Nextcloud.